About Us

Welcome to the Online Home of Zebras in Disguise!

Started in rural Northumberland, Zebras in Disguise was built on the principle of providing a professional service for all riders.  We strongly believe that customer service is the most important part of anyones shopping experience.  We opened an Equestrian Boutique in Kirkharle, Northumberland which has since become a favourite for the local horse riding community.  Our Equestrian Boutique provides all our customers with a stress-free, friendly and personal service.  We now aim to take this new style shopping experience to the rest of the UK, allowing more riders to be able to benefit from the professional services we provide.

Your Equestrian Partner

We are your equestrian partner and are able to offer advice to riders of all levels and ability.  We offer the best, and only, personal shopper experience to any rider unsure of their own, and their horses requirements.  We pride ourselves on providing impartial advice that is entirely based on factual evidence.  This offers riders a piece of mind, knowing that they are able to make highly informed decisions in the horses' best interests.

Revealing Your Potential

At Zebras in Disguise we love being part of our customers equestrian journeys.  We work with every customer to get the best from their horses.  We recognise that every horse has individual needs, and feel that by confidently making the best choices, you can reveal its full potential.  We believe that even Zebras have the potential to shine!